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Private Reg Plates

There has been an huge increase in the popularity of private reg plates over the last few years. Much of this growth can be attributed to the availability of tools such as’s online number plates searches.

In general, the acquisition of private DVLA registrations from is a fast and trouble-free process. We take care of all red tape, give all the advice the customer could need, and complete the whole transfer procedure, so that all the customer has to do is send in a couple of documents and sign on a couple of dotted lines. Simple and painless.

In situations where things may be a little more complicated our service becomes even more invaluable. Sometimes we may have to chase an elusive vendor, persuade him not to increase his price at the last moment, ensure all his documents are up to date so that the number he is selling may be transferred to our customer’s vehicle, and more. Despite all that, our customer sees none of the complicated bits, and still only has to sign and post a couple of documents!

current numberplate specification

Once private reg plates have been purchased and transferred to the new car, the last thing to be considered is the actual plastic plates that display the registration number. Good personalised DVLA registrations usually get their message across without the need for any interference with the normal, legally approved number plate format. Amongst real enthusiasts there is a perception that anyone who needs to ‘tweak’ their plates by mis-spacing or altering the characters, or by placing bolts in places which change the appearance of a character, is missing the point. Much of the appeal of a good private reg plate is that it quite naturally resembles a name or a word, or displays the owners initials etc.

Aside from the scorn such altered plates attract from genuine enthusiasts and experts, they are also likely to attract disapproval from the authorities. The regulations governing the display of DVLA registrations are very specific, and any unauthorised variation can have significant consequences. Mis-spaced or altered private reg plates can land the owner with a hefty fine, and what may be even worse is the fact that the authorities have the power to withdraw the right to the offending registration. A big fine and loss of one’s cherished private reg plates! Certainly not worth the risk.

At we understand that the regulations are intended to make it harder for cars to display number plates that are not clearly readable. The aim is to reduce crime involving vehicles by making vehicles easy to identify. Most people consider this a sensible precaution. Therefore, we will never supply plates in any format but that specifically prescribed by the standards and regulations. All characters are properly spaced and the design options we offer are only those which are expressly allowed.

When you buy from you can be sure that you are dealing with the professional. Your peace of mind is a big part of our business.