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Fanatical About Number Plates

For many people, the purchase of a cherished registration and a set of personalised car number plates is the introduction to a lifelong interest. What starts off as the desire to add a bit of personality to one’s vehicle can soon become an obsession. There is good reason for our acclaimed book to bear the title ‘Fanatical About Number Plates’!

If there is a single quality shared by customers it is probably enthusiasm. People love their personalised car number plates – the term ‘cherished registrations’ is absolutely spot-on. Our customers love to talk about their plates, they like to take photographs of them, and they like to send us pictures and stories for our website and for our magazine. You only have to browse through our testimonial section, our customer galleries or our number plate stories and articles to find examples of the enthusiasm to which we refer.

If you’re like most of our visitors, then while you’re here you’ll probably use at least one of our searches – even if it’s just to see what comes up if you enter your initials or name! If you do find your perfect personal registration while you’re looking (as so many do), and decide to treat yourself, please do write in and let us know what your plate means to you, and perhaps send us a photo of you, your vehicle and your cherished registration for our gallery. If your photos are nice and clear then you might even see your story featured in our free magazine which is read by tens of thousands of people.

So, if you’ve not yet caught number plate fever, why not search for your own private registration while you’re here? Choose one of our personalised car number plates search options.

With millions to choose from, and the largest privately owned stock of top-quality personal car number plates in the UK, offers you the widest possible selection – many more than you will find anywhere else. We are proud to say that we really do believe that we can offer something for everyone.

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