PEN 15: David Hamilton

David Hamilton saw Regtransfers’ infamous PEN 15 plate he thought it was great fun and not at all offensive.

David Hamilton with D1DDY and PEN15

When veteran DJ and broadcaster David 'Diddy' Hamilton saw Regtransfers' infamous PEN 15 plate he thought it was great fun, and not at all offensive.

Our team visited David at his lovely home in south west London in order to interview him for a forthcoming issue of our magazine The World of Personal Number Plates. David has his own striking personal registration, D1 DDY, which he proudly displays on a Mini - an original classic Mini, that is, rather than the new version.

David's nickname, Diddy, given to him by Ken Dodd, has been a trademark throughout his career, so when he heard that D1 DDY was available he snapped it up. The whole package is perfect: Diddy David Hamilton with his D1 DDY plate on a diddy Mini motor car. The whole thing is exactly what you would expect from such a cheerful, humorous man.

Fortunately for us, David's sense of humour and keen eye made for a great photo opportunity. When he saw our notorious PEN 15 plate he suggested, with a chuckle, that we get a picture of the two cars together in the arrangement you see above.

"Oh we have to", he said, and of course, we had to agree!

Look out for further adventures of the mighty PEN 15.

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