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DVLA Number Plates

You may still occasionally hear the term DVLC used to refer to the body that regulates UK vehicle registrations. This is incorrect: the DVLC became the DVLA in 1990 and is now properly known only by the latter title.

DVLA number plates consist of a string of alphanumeric characters which provide a unique identifying mark for each vehicle licensed to use British roads. The plates used to display this identifying registration number have to conform to strict standards and specification to ensure clarity and visibility. In recent years the regulations pertaining to the display of DVLA number plates have become stricter as the authorities attempt to combat crime and traffic offences.

DVLA Number Plates: Our Policy

At we are often asked by customers if number plates can feature custom spacing to make the number/letter combinations look more like words or names. Sadly, without exception, we have to explain that such customisation is not allowed. Not only will we not supply, or facilitate the supply, of illegal non-standard DVLA number plates, but we have to explain to the customer that if they do find a manufacturer who will provide such plates then they risk trouble with the police and the DVLA. Penalties for contravening the regulations specifying the correct format for DVLA number plates may include hefty fines, and even the loss of entitlement to the car registrations involved.

In addition to controlling the issue and display of vehicle registration numbers, the DVLA deals with driving licenses and vehicle licenses (“road tax”). The DVLA is also responsible for issuing vehicle documentation such as “log books”. The main DVLA headquarters is in Swansea, but there are a number of local offices scattered throughout the country. You will find a list of local offices if you follow the link below.

If you would like to know more then please click to visit our main DVLA info page. These pages are within the Regtransfers site and do not take you to the DVLA.

There is another information page with details of the transfer process involved when moving DVLA registrations from one vehicle to another.

The DVLA is the official regulating body, and neither Regtransfers nor any other private registrations company is affiliated to the DVLA.