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The World’s Most Congested Cities

Regtransfers Blog - The World’s Most Congested Cities
No one in their right mind likes sitting in a traffic jam but most of us seem to do plenty of it. Whether it’s the journey to one’s holiday destination or simply the daily commute to the workplace, the increasing congestion on urban roads has become hard to avoid and impossible to ignore.
The frustration of long periods of immobility is bad enough but with increased congestion comes increased pollution and a rise in the medical conditions it affects. A higher density of vehicles also means a proportionate growth in the number of potential accident situations.
Dense urban traffic is one of the factors responsible for corrosion and erosion of the local environment. Acids caused by the dissolution of pollutants in rainwater have long been known to cause damage to buildings. The bills for repair and cleaning of those buildings will continue to rise as long as we continue to add more cars to the queues and more pollution to the air.
Our interactive, zoomable map shows the worlds most gridlocked cities: the places where the impatient among us might be most prone to attacks of road rage. Check out the map and see how many of them you’re familiar with – or just which ones you want to remember to avoid. We think there are a few surprises tucked away in there.