Which Royal are You? – A Royal Regtransfers Rumble

With a Royal Wedding coming up this year, the Regtransfers team thought we’d help you get in touch with your inner royal and their perfect number plate. Just take our quick quiz and we’ll find your kingly (or queenly) counterpart!

1. You’re on Tinder. What kind of person are you looking for?
A: Fertile, history of boys in the family.
B: Someone fun, sporty, possibly up for road trips abroad.
C: The dark and serious type, foreign.
D: Posh, fit, no-strings-attached friend with benefits.
E: No time for love, things are going to hell around me.

2. What’s your favourite musical act.
A: Beyonce
B: Fat Les
C: Twisted Sister
D: Queen
E: Saxon

3. Favourite food?
A: All of it.
B: Something I can eat on the run.
C: Flame-grilled meat, tapas.
D: Sweet little nibbly things, nothing that will mess with the make-up.
E: Not a fan of cakes.

4. How do you go about solving problems?
A: Cut things off at the head, failing that, start all over again.
B: Stand your ground, even despite overwhelming odds.
C: Burn it all down – cleansing fire!
D: Procrastinate. You can’t be blamed for anything you didn’t do.
E: Think about it. Think about it long and hard.

5. Favourite holiday location?
A: Singles tours, Club Med, Kontiki tours – I’m here to meet people!
B: Northern France.
C: Madrid.
D: Not abroad, that’s for sure. They hate me over there.
E: The Fens

6. Favourite beverage?
A: What you got? No, seriously, what have you got? Bring it here.
B: Good bottle of French plonk
C: Bloody Mary
D: Something light, sweet and fizzy, like me!
E: Mead.

7. Favourite car maker?
A: Rolls Royce
B: Aston Martin
C: Seat
D: Mini
E: Land Rover

8. How do you feel about kids?
A: Boys? Bring them on!
B: Great, someone to go on the lash with!
C: I look forward to making them with my swarthy Spaniard.
D: Oh god no, no no no!
E: Why would I want to bring kids into a world like this?

9. Is religion important to you?
A: Only if it gets in the way of me getting away. Then it’s a big deal.
B: Not particularly, unless there’s a scrap in it.
C: Totally. My swarthy Spaniard loves it when I get passionate about it.
D: Well, I’d prefer not to talk about it. Can be quite messy.
E: To be honest, God, I could use a miracle.

10. Your proudest achievement?
A: Showing that I can at least have kids.
B: Showing up some foreigners.
C: Meeting my swarthy Spaniard.
D: Not getting saddled with a husband.
E: Surviving to adulthood.

The Results

Mostly A

You are… Henry VIII (Number plate: HE11 RYB)

Henry VIII (Number plate: HE11 RYB)

On the one hand, you’re a party animal, demanding (and living) a life of excess and pleasure. On the other, you’re a madman who had two of his wives executed, and whose actions led to torture and murder across the British Isles for the next couple of centuries. You win some, you lose some. Take it easy on the turkey legs and maybe try counselling for those rage issues.

Mostly B

You are… Henry V! (Number plate: HE11 RYF)

Henry V! (Number plate: HE11 RYF)

Good looking, sporty, a bit of a yob. You didn’t do much ruling at home, but history will remember you forever for smashing the French a couple of times and giving a few stirring speeches. Well, that last bit is mostly due to William Shakespeare. You should thank him next time you see him. Anyway, you die on campaign of dysentery – pretty ignoble end.

Mostly C

You are… Mary I (Number plate: MAR 2Y)

 Mary I (Number plate: MAR 2Y)

The original Bloody Mary. You didn’t rule for long, but your reign was rather heated – or was that those Protestants you sent to the stake to burn? You married Phillip II of Spain, who you really quite fancied, but unfortunately he didn’t feel quite the same way. What was initially thought to be signs of pregnancy turned out to be symptoms of terminal illness. Thus ended a sad chapter.

Mostly D

You are… Elizabeth I (Number plate: BET 55Y)

Elizabeth I (Number plate: BET 55Y)

Gloriana, the Virgin Queen, one of the nation’s longest reigning monarchs. You saw England through a time of immense strife, mainly by surrounding yourself with smart people and presenting a formidable, unflappable front. You did like to have fun, however, and we’re fairly sure that nickname of yours is a complete fib. Don’t worry, we won’t tell.

Mostly E

You are… Alfred the Great (Number plate: ALF 23D)

Alfred the Great (Number plate: ALF 23D)

We know you mostly for burning some cakes in a mud hut, while on the run, but we’ve got to thank you for seeing off the Norse invaders and pulling together the seed of what would become England. You are to thank for the growing acceptance of Old English, the formation of courts and laws, and a flowering of art. After a rough start, you did alright!

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