Under The Hammer

2019 yielded a spectacular series of auction results for the UK’s top number plates. In July, DS 1 became the chart-topper, commanding an astonishing £324k. Close on its heels, however, was AJ 1 with a price tag of £315k in June. A trio of top plates was completed in July by IG 1 just behind at £287k.

The market for quality registrations shows no sign of diminishing and here’s a rundown of the other top sellers last year.

RegistrationPrice (GBP)Month
All prices quoted include estimated fees and taxes.
51 CK£88,208November
202 O£68,768July
32 O£50,624September
37 O£46,218May
HSK 1£44,144July
1 LJT£36,368July
31 O£34,035February
911 CM£32,739May
IG 9£32,480May
1 ASN£32,480February
110 S£32,480November
63 SVJ£31,184February
ADD 44M£31,184September
170 Y£30,536July

It’s easy to see why number plates are fast becoming a real alternative to conventional luxury asset investments such as classic cars, wine and jewellery. In percentage appreciation terms, private registrations have actually out-performed them all.

Couple this with the absence of maintenance and insurance costs and we are likely to see more of the same at the auction houses this year.


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