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Plates Just Got Better

Regtransfers Blog - Plates Just Got Better

When you buy a personal registration, you don’t have to put it on your car straightaway. There may be many good reasons to keep it ‘on certificate’. For one thing, your vehicle must not be older than the plate, so you may need to keep it until you update your car. Thousands of people buy registrations as gifts for others and so the actual plates may have to be fitted later, at a convenient time. Indeed, parents often buy a special registration for a child, who may have to wait sometime before they are able to enjoy it.

Whatever the reason, from 9 March this year, the cost of retaining a personal registration has fallen dramatically from £105 to £80, the same as the standard transfer fee. Furthermore, the renewal period now covers a full 10 years, more than enough for most circumstances.

These changes apply to both paper and online transactions and should lead to a significant reduction in the turnaround times. Online, the processes will be instant.

All good news for the industry and our customers. There really has never been a better time to invest in your perfect plate.