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Work in Progress

Work in progress

“It’s all about getting your name out there.” So says Steve Burrows, Managing Director of Progressive Print Services Ltd (PPS), based in Kidderminster, Worcestershire.

“As a new company we were looking at innovative ways of promoting our business. Having invested heavily in presses and studio equipment we were looking at other ways of raising our profile for little financial outlay.
“We came across the idea of private registration plates for each of the three directors and decided that PPS had to be incorporated on each plate. Most people already recognise us as PPS. In fact our corporate stationary and all delivery paperwork is branded PPS.”

It took a matter of minutes for Steve to locate and contact Regtransfers through the Internet. “I started withS13 PPS – the one and the three looking like a B,” said Steve. The following day he purchased D13 PPS for fellow director, Dean Brettle). “By now I had the bug,” said Steve, “but the other director, Russell Hall, was the problem. We checked on the Registration Transfers website for RII PPS. Unfortunately it wasn’t available.”

It was whilst looking over the plates available on the Regtransfers website that he found the perfect plate. “R55 PPS (RUSS PPS) was available and I snapped it up – a stroke of genius,” said Russell. “And of course Burrows took the credit!
“We contacted Registration Transfers and it took a matter of minutes to process our orders,” said Dean. All three directors now have PPS plates on their vehicles, with R55 PPS currently enjoying life on the latest company vehicle, a Dodge Durango, recently imported from Vancouver, Canada.

“These plates have a serious side too,” said Burrows. “We are a design and print company and as such we are all about image and achievement. We service and supply several blue chip clients and advertising agencies. We mean business and we want to look the part. “We are as pleased as Punch with the recognition we are getting,” said Russell. “With the individuality of a personalised plate on the Dodge, which in itself is a rare vehicle in the UK, it definitely looks the part.”

All three directors feel that it is money well spent, and they haven’t stopped yet! “I purchased S77 PPS just last week,” said Steve. “That’s going on another company vehicle. And then there are two new delivery vehicles, recently purchased. With one of our delivery drivers named Enrique we are looking for plate suggestions!” said Steve. Answers on a post card please. – The World of Personal Number Plates Volume 3 Issue 2

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