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From the age of 19, Deepak Bhatia has been involved in the family businesses: JD Enterprises, JD Asset Management Plc and Dormouse Babywear Plc.

Just seven years later, Deepak is Managing Director, having taken over from his late Father. Now Deepak is celebrating the growing success of the group by building his collection of personalised number plates with an astonishingly apt set – DEE 1DEE 2 &DEE 3.

“We recently launched a new range of babywear specifically for premature babies called ‘Tiny Dee’ to run along side the already successful ‘Baby Dee’ clothes. This is in addition to our boy’s range called ‘Dee’ and for girls ‘Miss Dee’, so the number plates really are spot on! The clothes are all excellent quality and very much in line with high fashion trends. One of our biggest and most famous customers is Harrods.

“I have always had an interest in personal number plates. My first number plate was M3 BOY for my BMW when I was 21 years old. It attracted a lot of attention! Then I had M5 BOY followed by 9 DEE and 50 DB”, said Deepak.

“I subscribed to Regtransfers ‘Reg Alert’ service and received an email from them just as I was going home one evening. It said that DEE 1 had just become available. I was so excited, I had to buy it straight away! It was soon after that when DEE 2 and DEE 3 came onto the market too. “We get comments about the plates all the time – its just another form of advertising for us – another reason for people to remember us.

“I’m pleased to say that my sister Joti (the J in JD) has recently finished University and joined the family business. I’m hoping that she’ll soon be able to take some of the workload off my hands so that I can put my feet up for the first time in seven years!”

© – The World of Personal Number Plates Volume 1 Issue 1

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