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D & G Cars: Towing the Line

Towing the line

D&G Cars is an industry leading vehicle recovery operator based in Essex. With a fleet of vehicles that now numbers over 100, D&G works with the major breakdown clubs, many haulage companies and local police forces. The number of vehicles and the extent of their other resources mean that the company is well equipped to deal with the many and varied situations and challenges that they are called upon to deal with.

Like an increasing number of image conscious companies, D&G Cars has begun to display private registrations on its vehicles. Custom number plates on commercial vehicles can reinforce branding, and enhance the impression of consistency and organisation projected by a company. “The personal registrations on our fleet are very important to us,” says fleet manager Steve Bewers. “They get our vehicles noticed and we feel they add a personal touch to a vehicle. I think it also shows attention to detail, which is really what our company is about.”

Motorways are a vitally important aspect of the vehicle recovery business. With that in mind, D&G’s managing director, Dennis Harding, decided to add M1 TOW to his fleet.

“Mick Jennings, our director, got into the office early on the morning of 1st July 1994,” Steve told us. “That was the morning that the ‘M’ registrations were released. Mick sat at his desk constantly pressing his phone’s redial button until someone at the DVLA answered. Soon afterwards D&G Cars owned M1 TOW, and while he was on the phone Mick also bought M11 TOW.”

In the photo below, Steve Bewers is seen with M1 TOW on his Land Rover Discovery. Amongst the other numbers D&G Cars owns, or has owned, are: P2 TOW, P3 TOW, P4 TOW, UK54 DNG, MY54 DNG, GB54 DNG, DG54 DNG, MR54 DNG, Y25 TOW, DG51 TOW, DG03 TOW and DG07 TOW.

Regtransfers is grateful to Steve and D&G Cars for sharing photographs and details of their fine vehicles and number plates. An impressive operation and an impressive collection, wouldn’t you agree?

Rick Cadger

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