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Carl Hartley

They are always busy. That said, he does enjoy golf, as do his father and his brother Carl. Yet even when they take a few hours to play golf together, their three mobiles stay switched on.

Carl Hartley also joined the business at an early age and is now a full partner. He not only has knowledge of the industry passed from his father, but also from his brother, Tom.

The three men now run the showroom and, together, they have a reputation both nationally and internationally for being able to supply the ‘unobtainable’ and all other sought-after specialist cars.

Aside from golf, another area of common ground is their liking for good quality personal number plates. “I have TH 4, my dad has TH 2 and my brother, Carl, has C4 RLS,” says Tom. Clearly the Hartleys’ registrations have to be of a calibre to suit the cars they drive. “I do like the plates. It’s like a treat for yourself, a bit like buying yourself a nice watch but this is totally unique, with only one of each. It’s almost like a form of identification.”

Different people phrase it in different ways, but the sentiment is consistent among so many of the people with whom we speak. An expensive car seems to cry out for a good cherished registration. No-one buys a £200,000 luxury performance car in the hope of fading blandly into the background. A purchase like that is made by someone confident and probably, to an extent, extrovert. If one is aiming to impress, then it makes sense to go all out. Half measures don’t convince.

Both Tom Hartleys have spent their professional lives, so far, surrounded by the most coveted of vehicles. They can pretty much take them for granted (although we suspect they don’t), but they still appreciate the finishing touch added by a well-chosen registration.

Tom Jr tells us that they also appreciate good quality service from their suppliers. “We like dealing with Regtransfers.co.uk because, as a company, you are like us.

“We’re the leading name for luxury cars and Regtransfers the leading name for cherished registrations. Like us, you’re a private company and Regtransfers seems to care about the customer, as we do.”

Tom Hartley
The Ultimate Name Dealing In Luxury Performance Cars
Tel: 01283 762 762 (7 days)

Interview: Angela Banh
Story: Rick Cadger
Photography: Stan Thompsom

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