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Tilehurst Roofing

Tilhurst Roofing

My interest in personalised number plates started ten years ago when I decided to treat myself to a plate for my works van.
Discussing the idea with Tracy, my secretary, we knew we wanted something with ‘TRC’ as my company’s name is Tilehurst Roofing Contractors. Tracy said “it should be Tea for TRC with the amount of tea you all drink” so that was it, T4 TRC was my first plate.

After that, all my lads wanted their own plates so I ended up buying about ten plates with TRC at the end of them and even managed to find RII OFS, for my van!

As the purchase of the plates is so easy and relatively inexpensive, the procedure was uncomplicated. The company fleet looks very professional and eye catching which can only help the business.

Discussing the plates with a friend of mine, he told me that personalised plates were a good investment and can only go up in value. So, now I have an excuse to purchase further numbers!
The next plate was SII MSY, then 62 CS and I managed to secure I CSX. This is very fitting as I had just formed an ‘Xtreme’ leisure and jet ski company and my parents received their own personal plates as Christmas presents last year so they’re very happy.

My attention was then drawn to my collection of Harley Davidson’s. With the restriction lifted on personal plates on motorcycles I hunted for various numbers. During my racing days I was referred to a ‘Mad Dog’ so K9 CGSwas apt. I purchased others with various combinations of CGS, finally finding SI MSU for my anniversary Harley.

I treated the Quad to its own plate Y4 TRC ‘Hitchin A Ride’ as you see in the picture he sits proudly on the back of the Harley pick up.

The best was yet to come. I have spent years wanting to customise one of my bikes and two years ago took the plunge. I have always had an idea to devote something to the men and women who fought for us during the war years. I decided on ‘The Few’, hoping to draw attention to the cause and bravery of that generation via the bike. When it was all finished guess what it needed? Yes, a personal plate! After searching on the internet I foundV2 FEW – Victory to the The Few – perfect!
The bike now takes tours of the country and is shown at various airshows and events drawing attention to itself via the paintwork and of course the personal plate.

I think my favourite plate by far is my most recent purchase from yourselves. I received an email from your sales staff with various combinations of CGS, CS and TRC etc then I saw it . . . C51 MMS. I picked up the phone and had secured the plate within 10 minutes. I was very impressed with the quick, uncomplicated and professional service your staff provided. Compliments to your team.
I very much look forward to dealing with you again when it comes to selling ‘spare’ plates or purchasing new.

Colin Sims
Reading, Berkshire

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