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The Sports Technician

sports technician

Stuart Middlemiss, like many other people in these difficult times, was made redundant from a job he had held for several years. When he left his position as a senior buyer for a big-name sports retailer, Stuart saw the change as an opportunity and he lost no time in setting up his own business.

“I decided to go it alone and start up The Sports

In the current financial climate I suppose I could have been excused for playing it safe and taking up another full time role, but I knew that working for myself would present me with the challenge I wanted.

Five months to the day from when I left the building at JJB, I launched my new website and I am now focusing on building the Sports Technician name.”

At the time of writing, Stuart’s website is up and running and looking good. offers a wide range of sports equipment and clothing from top brands as well as a growing library of informative articles categorised by sport.

Once the site was beginning to take shape, Stuart decided to buy himself a private car registration to mark the founding of his new business.

“Well, it won’t be obvious to most people yet, but the number plate means alot to me. S15 TST – ‘Stuart is The Sports Technician’! It signifies my achievement and a new beginning for me and so it is something that I am very proud of.

“I’ve always wanted my own plate but, having had a company car for the last 7 years, I didn’t see the point in going ahead before. Now I can enjoy my plate and, as awareness grows, a bit of free marketing.”

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