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Marketing your Business: Teas 4 You!

Teas 4 u

Ravi Soni is managing director of Teas 4 U and I Love Ravi`s Tea Bags. Both companies deal in fairtrade English breakfast tea bags.

For the uninitiated, English breakfast tea is a popular blend of Kenyan and Assam leaves. Ravi, who has been selling tea for seven years now, is married to Deepti and has a son called Adhitya.

“I purchased the registration TEA 1 to promote my tea business,” says Ravi. “So far it has worked well. I get stopped in supermarket car parks by people who want to make enquiries, and I even get interest from people when I’m stuck in traffic.

“These days a fairtrade business has a good chance of success and my TEA 1 plate is helping a lot. For me, it’s just the best ‘TEA’ registration I could have, as it ends with number one. I don’t think I would sell this plate even if someone offered me £200,000!”

Ravi also owns the personal registration RAV 159R, which he purchased from Regtransfers about eight years ago. He estimates that it could now be worth as much as £10,000. Many of of Ravi’s friends and family also have personalised number plates, often used to promote their businesses.

“Number plates and marketing go hand in hand. With TEA 1, I am guaranteed an audience. Wherever I go, people are interested and curious and often enquire about my tea.”

Finally, Ravi is keen to thank Sam, the Regtransfers sales advisor who dealt with the purchase of TEA 1 and whom Ravi describes as “a wonderful, calm, and gracious person”. High praise from a valued customer.

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