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Straight from the horse’s mouth

Straight from the horses mouth

I am an osteopath with two human clinics, one in Manchester and one in Derbyshire. However half my practice these days is with horses as these play a huge part in my life.

I am based in Derbyshire but travel all over the country with my equine work treating everything from someone’s beloved old horse to racing horses and eventing horses worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. Horses of whatever age respond remarkably well to osteopathy. The oldest I’ve treated was in his forties and the youngest was an 8 week old Hanovarian foal. Very cute!

My partner, Lynda, and I have three horses Finn, Gracie and Cassie. Finn belonged to a patient of mine and was going to be shot as he went lame on them. I said I’d have him and these days he is absolutely fine though he is very cheeky. One of his favourite tricks is pulling out electric fence posts with his teeth. Finn and Gracie are good friends and we recently introduced Cassie who was saved from the meat market by a friend of ours.

She is doing really well under the guiding eye of Finn and Gracie and the healing relationship of the herd. We are great believers in the healing power of the herd and are currently on the look out for a bigger place to lease to create a healing centre where damaged horses can come for a while to get themselves back on track in the company of other horses. We also plan on developing this into a place where counselling is offered to people as well, using the relationship of human and equine as a basis for recuperation. So if someone out there has something suitable please do get in touch!

Jonathan Poston

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