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Storing up number plates

Thomas Brogan has been interested in personal number plates for decades, but it was only recently that he found his own ideal registration, BR06 ANT. Tom had previously bought X5 AXX for his wife, Ann, as a birthday gift. Compared to Tom’s very obvious ‘Brogan’ plate, this one might seem to pose a bit of a puzzle, but Ann’s family and friends all recognise the reference to her trademark signature, ‘Ann xx’ and, as the plate was to go on her new BMW X5, it was perfect.

The couple and their 15 year-old son Reese, live in Bedfordshire, where Tom runs TR Storage Supplies Ltd. He and Ann started the company ten years ago. Tom has been in the storage business all his working life, so his experience stood them in good stead when it came to setting up a business of their own. The company grew steadily and now employs 18 people on a full-time basis. During busy periods, TR Storage often takes on another 20 sub-contractors.

Tom’s friend and colleague, Stewart Bourne, also displays a personalised registration on his car. Stewart, who is TR Storage’s project manager, drives a Mitsubishi L200 bearing the number S13 TRS: a great plate that combines Stewart’s initials with those of the company.

For some years, Tom has nurtured a keen interest in sporty cars, his first being a limited edition, yellow Volvo 850 T5R, followed by a new BMW M3, and currently drives a silver 745 BMW: the car upon which he proudly displays his BR06 ANT number plate.

He is rightly proud of what he has achieved in making TR Storage Supplies a highly successful nationwide company. Their range of products is aimed at a wide and varied customer base, from individuals wishing to organise the storage space in domestic garages, to companies needing to set up 1 million square feet warehouses with trucks, trolleys, mezzanine flooring, racking, conveyers and packaging materials, etc.

TR Storage Ltd now has a fleet of five company vans, and Tom Brogan plans to give each of them a private registration. The new plates will help to reinforce TSR’s corporate identity. Another dynamic, growing company making the most of the private vehicle registrations they acquire from

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