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All supercar clubs are not the same

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Do you ever get just a little bored with your car? Do you ever see other cars on the road and wish you were behind the wheel of one of those, instead of stuck with the same model you’ve had for the last year or two, or three? If you owned a luxury or performance car, something well above the affordability range of the average driver, do you think you’d be completely satisfied, or do you think you might still find something to covet? Believe it or not, it does happen.

The Segrave Club offers a near perfect solution for those supercar fans who enjoy variety in their driving. For a one-time joining fee of £5,000 plus an annual membership of £16,000, members of this exclusive private members club get the chance to drive some of the newest and most exciting cars in the world.

The club, launched in early October 2007 and officially opened in February 2008, offers members an enviable environment in which to indulge their supercar obsession. The clubhouse in Knightsbridge features a members’ lounge and meeting facilities. It provides a venue for club events and parties.

At the official launch, the club was graced with a visit from the legendary Golden Arrow car in which Sir Henry Segrave, for whom the Segrave Club was named, broke the world land speed record in 1929.
When was invited to visit the Segrave Club we were delighted.

The occasion provided a fine opportunity to have some of our most exclusive private registrations modelled by some of the world’s most impressive vehicles. We were also fortunate to have Nick Hancock, Segrave Club’s Chief Executive, tell us a little about his fantastic organisation.

“I formed the Segrave Club to offer unprecedented access to the world’s most exciting cars. I’d been involved in setting up and then ran P1, the first of the shared access supercar clubs, for seven years and was very excited at the prospect of starting with a clean sheet of paper. The problem had always been that 80% of members only ever wanted 20% of the cars. It’s not the most comfortable position to be in when you’re speaking to a member who already owns, say, a 911 Turbo and a Range Rover, and all you’ve got available to him is an M3 and a Cayman. Because the Segrave only runs the top group cars, such as the Porsche Carrera GT, Ferrari 599, Rolls Royce Phantom and Lamborghini Murcielago LP640, with no makeweights, and always keeps the ratio of members to cars very low,
I never have to have those sorts of conversations nowadays!”

How would Nick himself sum up the benefits of Segrave Club membership?

“For far less than it costs in depreciation, insurance and maintenance, a member of the Segrave enjoys something like sixty days in the flagship cars from the most prestigious manufacturers. All they need to do is to phone us up and say, for instance, ‘I’m taking my wife away to a smart hotel in the country this weekend, what have you got?’, and we can offer them the choice of something like an Aston Martin DBS or a Bentley Continental Convertible. They can then either pick them up from our clubhouse in Knightsbridge, our City base at the Honourable Artillery Company, or we will deliver the car to their home or office. When they’re finished, we pick them up. It’s as simple as that. If they want to try out some of the most focused drivers’ cars on the planet, we’ve got kit like the Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera or 911 GT2. We even have chauffeurs for our Phantom and Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT.

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