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Safety First

Safety First

This is the story of a long journey, which has a happy ending at Regtransfers.

Paul Russell owns, and is a director of, Independent Safety Advisors, a Health and Safety Consultancy based in the North West of England, which helps companies comply with the complexities of health and safety legislation.

Paul has been in Health and Safety for over 15 years and wanted the ultimate number plate relating to his business. He already owned S5 FET, but wanted to go one better withS4 FTY. For a long time he had looked through magazines and newspapers hoping that one day he would find the number plate that had eluded him for so long. Then it all changed one day when he contacted Regtransfers.

“I telephoned Regtransfers and a very pleasant lady called Rachael took the call. I began enquiring about an advertised number plate for my wife.” The conversation continued with Rachael, and I happened to mention that I also owned a couple of other plates, S5 FET being one of them, and told her that ultimately I had always wanted S4 FTY but had missed out so far.

“Rachael told me that Regtransfers hold some records of plate owners and while we were on the telephone confirmed she had records of the then current owners. She made some enquiries and came back to me saying she had details of the owners of the S4 FTY but her records showed that the details were 3 years old and people may have moved on.

“Anyway, Rachael asked if I wanted her to contact the owners on my behalf. I agreed, and she wrote to them to find out if they were interested in selling. Some three weeks later I received a telephone message from Rachael asking me to contact her. I did, and told me she might have some good news. She had received a reply from the owners who wanted to sell. I couldn’t believe it! A couple of calls later and the deal was done. The smooth, easy, trouble-free transaction was made. Rachael even arranged the transfer so that all I had to do was buy the plates.

“I am so pleased with the service offered by Every telephone call with Rachael and her colleagues was carried out in a truly professional manner, I would recommend them to anyone.
“It’s a great talking point with customers and clients, and a good ending to a story.” – The World of Personal Number Plates Volume 3 Issue 2

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