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Provocative Art

Mark Roberts with his registration PR02 ART

If you were to meet Mark Roberts and ask him what he does for a living, the answer would be, “I’m a professional artist.” For most people that reply conjures up images of landscapes, portraits, wildlife. They tend to be more than a little suprised when they discover that Mark specialises in drawing, painting and creating glass mosaics of the female form. He has lost count of the number of witty chaps who have volunteered to come and hold his palette for him, or have volunteered for an apprenticeship. He’s heard them all.

“It’s a tough job but someone has to do it,” says Mark. “In essence I love the female form, the shapes, the curves, the way the light falls across those forms to create new shapes and contours. To the full-blooded heterosexual male this is the perfect design, it stimulates, fascinates, and creates desire, fantasy and lust. Throughout history man has tried to mimic these forms through design, to capture this sexuality in all that is created and none more than in motor cars.

“I always wanted to own a classic car and after much pondering decided to opt for a future classic, the Jaguar XK8. A sexy, feminine motor vehicle that would sit perfectly amongst my works of feminine art. Of course I would need an appropriate personal number plate. I trade as Provocative Art and wanted something to promote my business. I started to explore the options and found something on the Regtransfers website. That was it, I had to have it.

“I tried to purchase the plate only to receive a phone call from a member of staff expressing regret that the plate had already gone. What a disappointment! But the helpful chap from Regtransfers persevered and asked me what I was looking for. I explained that I wanted something that said Provocative Art, obviously abbreviated. Within seconds a couple of options were suggested and Regtransfers found me PR02 ART. Perfect. The deal was done.

“The car sits well with the other models in my gallery and I’m delighted with the plate. This car is beautiful, a true future classic, a work of art. Good design is timeless and we should celebrate, admire, respect, protect and preserve it. I’m smitten.

“My partner, Julie, asked if I loved my Jaguar more than I loved her. ‘Of course not darling,’ I replied, ‘she’s just a car’. Isn’t she?

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