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Project Kahn

Project Kahn

Project Kahn is exactly the kind of business we would expect to appreciate the potential of private number plates. The design based automotive company, led by creative visionary Afzal Kahn, turns high quality, prestige production cars into stunning bespoke vehicles. The company has its roots in Kahn’s early forays into the automotive industry.

“As a kid, I used to look at car dealerships and I just knew that I could totally re-invent what I was seeing,” says Kahn. “About 18 years ago I decided to go into business. I started off in the wheel industry. I approached manufacturers all over the country but I couldn’t find any good enough. I went all over the world to find a good manufacturer and eventually I settled on an Italian company who had the quality and production capabilities to manufacture exactly what I wanted.”

In 1996, Kahn launched RS-R and RS-S alloy wheels – two completely new and innovative set of wheels that caused quite a stir. “I was the first manufacturer to design a wheel with spokes that ran to the very edge of the rim It is now one of the most replicated styles in the world.

In 2001, Afzal Kahn set up V12 Power Ltd, a company which was to become the most prestigious bespoke vehicle specialist in the UK. However, he still didn’t feel that he was able to add enough of his own touch to the production models to turn them into true bespoke vehicles. For this reason he set up Project Kahn.

Project Kahn made its name by launching the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport conversions. Other specialist areas include conversions of Aston Martin, Bentley and Ferrari models. The product range is constantly evolving, and Project Kahn’s dynamic approach and stunning results have won an impressive and expanding client-base. Premier League football celebrities including Peter Crouch, Michael Ball, Sam Allardyce, Mark Viduka and Robbie Savage have all acquired Project Kahn conversions. England Captain, John Terry, purchased a top of the range Bentley from the Bradford based company. Word soon spread amongst his Chelsea team mates, many of whom now have products from Project Kahn.

Former Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger, famous for starring in the Terminator movies and now governor of California, has ordered a car from Project Kahn, as has actress Daryl Hannah.
Project Kahn also buy and sell cherished registrations. It would have been surprising if they did not, as a vehicle’s registration number is absolutely key to its identity.

“These plates are either used as show plates or are sold with the cars,” says Afzal Kahn. “They are also sold separately to customers who want to add a bit of intrigue, style or personality. For a lot of people, adding a personal registration can do more for the way they feel about their vehicle than adding £20,000 of extras. At the moment we are concentrating quite heavily on our Aston Martin conversions, which include a full body kit for the DB9. For this reason we are buying a large number of 007 number plates.

We use Regtransfers because of the personal service we get. We can ring up and speak to someone directly, and we can also use Regtransfers as middleman to negotiate prices with a third party. This saves us a lot of time and effort, and allows us to continue with what we know best – which is taking a standard vehicle and rebuilding it into a unique, bespoke, road-going piece of art!”


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