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Power Plates

Power plates

Phil Smith started his company,, in 2000 after being made redundant in from a power tool supplier in Plymouth. He went cap in hand to his local bank for a loan and fortunately his application was successful.

The loan enabled Phil to build a business doing what he liked doing, and what he knew best: meeting people, having a laugh and selling power tools, fixings and consumable products. The speed at which trade grew over the following months soon showed Phil that his decision to start the business had been a good one.

After a year Phil had purchased a second van. He decided that advertising and image could make a difference to people’s perception of company, so he bought a private number plate PT52 PST for one of the company vehicles. As Phil had hoped, people noticed the plate – indeed, he heard so many positive comments that he acquired another private registration for the other vehicle, PT54 PST.
The two made a great matching pair.

The business continued to go from strength to strength and a third vehicle was bought. True to form, Phil decided to personalise that one as well, and another new plate, PT56 PST, was acquired to go on it.

In 2006 Phil expanded the company to exploit the power of the internet by taking on a website design team. Another great move, as he is now one of the leading U.K internet suppliers.
Bulk buying and low overheads have enabled him to offer great prices and a price-matching policy, while maintaining a first rate service.

In 2007 Phil purchased two new cars for himself, along with two new special number plates. The first, a Volkswagon T5 Caravelle, sports special graphics depicting the company logo.

At 174bhp, with 20 race wheels and its new plate, P13 PST, Phil says it looks “the bee’s knees”.
The next addition was a unique Landrover Freelander 2 specially made with full body kit complimented by colour-coded alloy wheels. The number on that one: P12 PST.

As Phil explained to us, over the years of growing the business into what it is today, it became important to him, and to the image of the company, to have something that stands out from the crowd. In Phil’s mind that has always included the cherished number plates
he has put on all his vehicles.

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