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Posh and Posher

Posh and posher

Ron Dale ran his Cheshire-based trucking business for 20 years before deciding he might fancy trying his hand at something a little different. One day, while out with his wife Christine, Ron found himself following a stretched limousine, and began to wonder about setting up his own company in that field. Christine, on the other hand, was sceptical. She felt that their time was already fully occupied by their existing temperature-controlled trucking business.

Ron wouldn’t be dissuaded, and in March 2007 he set aside the unused plot of land next to his trucking business for the new venture. His first purchase was a stretched Chrysler 300 which he acquired from a local specialist limousine supplier. Ron decided that his vehicle needed an eye-catching number plate.

Ron searched the Regtransfers website and, to his delight, found two terrific registrations: PO55 SSH andPO55 HER. They were just what he had been looking for so he bought both. Of course, this meant that Ron now had two great plates, but he still had only one car. His next mission was to find another limo on which to display his second private registration, so went back to All Stretched Out, the company from whom he had bought his first limousine, and purchased a 16-seat stretched Hummer.

Ron put PO55 SSH on the Chrysler and PO55 HER on the Hummer, but things didn’t quite stop there. Ron and Christine also acquired a third vehicle, a stretched Silver Lincoln Town Car. Of course, that meant that Ron had to go shopping for number plates again, and the Lincoln now sports P20 SSH.
Ron’s instincts proved to be sound and the business has flourished, and Ron sometimes drives one of the limos himself. Much of the work is weddings and special occasions, but Ron says that they also often pick up stars of Coronation Street. The cars and number plates obviously create the right impression.

When Ron isn’t busy running the trucking business, or driving the stretched limos, he drives around in his Mitsubishi Shogun, sporting the registration CD53 RON. “CD” are Christine’s initials, and Ron’s name is plain to see, so that registration is personal to both of them.
Len Stou

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