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Polar Gaze | Abram Fencing

Polar Glaze

Polar Glaze

Polar Glaze was founded in 1989 by Paul Rogers, then just 19.

The company has always insisted on maintaining a quality fleet of well kept cars and vans.

To compliment the image, all of their vehicles have private number plates, originally gifted by Paul’s father as he gradually reduced his own company’s transport fleet. The numbers ranged from A4 LER to A15 LER.

As time went on, Paul began to purchase ‘fun’ numbers such as APR 4T. Ten years ago he was lucky enough to find his ultimate plate, POL 4R. Most recently, Regtransfers were delighted to have been able to match this with GLA 5E. So, as Paul boasts, “Two of our new fleet will now proudly share the company name.”

Abram Fencing

Abram fencing

John Abram tells us that he has always had “a bit of a thing” for private car registrations, but non-essential expenditure of that kind was the last thing on his mind when he started his business, Abram Fencing, in 1976. In fact, it was only after about 12 years of hard work that John thought to combine his interest in number plates with his plans for his business.

“I thought if I could find a number to help promote my business it would be good advertising, so the search began,” says John. “I looked for A F numbers at first but they were outside my budget, so I lost a bit of enthusiasm for a year or two.

Then, one day a letter arrived from a number plate dealer offering A8 RAM to be sold by tender. This was the number for me, I thought. But how much should I bid? I filled in the tender and then waited and waited… nothing. I thought I had lost it.

“After a couple of years the same letter dropped through the door. I took the bull by the horns and rang the dealer to ask him what was going on. He told me that the chap who owned the number had withdrawn it from the earlier sale. I made an offer over the phone and it was accepted. So, I got on the train to Birmingham with the log book for my pickup, met the chap at the DVLA office and the transfer was finalised. I smiled all the way home.

After about five years I decided that ABR 4M should be the next number to try for. This time my luck was in as the number had not been issued and would soon be available at auction.

Off I went with a pal and had a good, but expensive, day out. I went home with the number and another smile. At the time, ABR 4M went on our second pickup but now resides on my wife’s car.
“Over the years the numbers have been a fantastic advertisement for the company and a good talking point. The time will come when the numbers will be for sale,” says John, “as I have no sons to pass them on to.”

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