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Ladybird is Easily Spotted


When Lord Brett McLean of Hastings inherited a company called Ladybird Photography, he soon realised that the car that came as part of the deal was by no means ordinary –
a Ford Ka with red and black spots inside and out to be precise! It even has its own personal number plate, P777 BUG!

Lord Brett was amazed to learn of the rather bizarre stories surrounding this young East Sussex company.

For instance, when the former owner died, he was buried in Hastings cemetery in plot 777!
Stranger still, the Ford Ka took its name from ‘divine spirit’ and again coincidence or not, the previous owner’s surname was Casper (as in the fictional ghost).

Even more incredible, the Ladybird car was ‘blessed’ by The Rt. Rev. Mick Haimes (Bishop of Rock ‘N’ Roll for the Rock ‘N’ Roll Loony Party) in the middle of Hastings Town Centre in the exact position where HM The Queen stood one year before when she officially opened the new shopping centre.

Lord Brett said, “The Ladybird vehicle with its distinctive plate is probably the best form of advertising around, because it is easily spotted!”

© – The World of Personal Number Plates Volume 1 Issue 2

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