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As the UK’s leading independent specialist retailer of ingredients and snack foods, Julian Graves is a company that understands the importance of standing out from the crowd. Their comprehensive product range of nuts, seeds, dried fruits and much more has established a firm presence in the marketplace.

In addition to its 300 stores across the UK, Julian Graves manages its own substantial warehousing operation and distribution fleet. As many dynamic businesses have found, in order to compete successfully it is necessary to be receptive to new ideas and approaches. In the case of Julian Graves, one of the recent examples of this philosophy put into practice is its growing chain of Experience branded outlets. Since its inception in 2002, Experience has catered more for those wishing to explore the world of luxury and exotic foods, while the more numerous Julian Graves branded stores continue to supply the more established needs of traditional shoppers.

It is not only the product emphasis that differs between the two outlets: Experience is designed to be just that, a new approach for the shopper to enjoy. The first store, in Edinburgh, was something of a departure from the usual food shopping format. 830 square feet of retail space were laid out in themed zones, with the intention of leading the customer on a real journey of discovery through Caribbean, Hawaiian, Indian and Eastern produce.  Company founder and Managing Director, Nick Shutts, is an astute and perceptive businessman.

It takes much more than luck to grow from a single market stall in Moreton-in-Marsh to a high street presence of hundreds of stores nationwide. So, it should come as no surprise to learn that Nick identified and acquired the perfect business-focused personal number plates for his Aston Martin DB9. Nick’s NUT 5 registration, proudly supplied by, is visually outstanding and has great potential as a marketing tool, as well as enormous fun appeal simply as a personal plate.

Whatever the nature of the business, is determined to live up to our claim that we have something for everyone, and so far our increasing base of commercial customers looking to brand business vehicles in this unique way has found that claim to be well founded. We are determined to offer businesses the best possible advice, deals and service. We’d have to be NUT 5 to do anything else.

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