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Number Plate Stories: The Name of the Game

SAV 46EKevin Savage runs a successful Internet Services Provider called Namesco which was set up in 1999. “Namesco are in the business of selling domain names and always preach to our customers how important it is to have the right domain for their business. With this in mind, I personally like to protect my brand and secure domain names. I see number plates as an extension to this brand protection.”

Kevin is currently in the process of setting up a new record company: Savage Trax and explains why he decided to set up a new record label. “I’ve always had a love for music and I personally have a wide range of genres I like, from Pop to Urban. Through a mutual friend I discovered a local singer/songwriter called Kevin Jon.

“After visiting his page on, I decided that I could help his career and decided to act as his manager. Having since found out more about how the industry works, I decided to set up a recording label: Savage Trax. “Now, I intend to sign other artists in the near future.”

Kevin has always been interested in brands and brand protection and he sees number plates as useful weapons in the fight to promote a brand. So, after setting up the new venture, it was an obvious move. As Kevin says:“The music industry is all about image and anything that is a talking point can be a great advantage.” The choice of SAV 46E was an obvious one as it is both his surname and also the name of his new record label venture. “Thankfully it’s also a generic word so has even more impact.”

Does Kevin have any other registrations? “Not as yet” he says, “but I would possibly look at SAV 463S if it was available. “I think number plates make a great marketing tool. They attract attention which is the name of the game.”

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