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Merchants of Nottingham


Chatting to the Stephens family, from Nottingham , it becomes clear that they share a passion for personal number plates.

The story begins 24 years ago when Peter Stephens bought his first plate, PS 3898. Not to be left out, his wife Alyce soon had AS 1515. Youngest son Andrew, received AS 4144 for his 21st birthday in 1993 and this was updated to 3 APS by mum for his 30th birthday.

By this time, Andrew was married to Izzy, who now sports APS 11 on her car and Alyce has recently purchased JAS 527 for their son James, although just 6 years old!

Eldest son, Simon, had received STS 16 for his 21st birthday and gave his wife, Sharon, 5 SLS , to mark the birth of their youngest child, Sophie, now 5 years old, Mum had already stepped in once again with X23 TJS for heir son, Thomas.

Peter and his father, John, started the family business, John A. Stephen’s Ltd. (Builders Merchants), 40 years. Since John’s death in 1985, Peter has headed the company with his two sons now also on board.

Operational Manager, Andrew, has equipped all 25 lorries with JAS plates. He believes personalised plates have definitely helped with the company’s corporate image, making it easy to identify the fleet. He also praised Regtransfers for the great service and invaluable help they provided over the years.

Len Stout

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