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Maybach – In a Word: Luxury

In a word luxury

Mention luxury cars these days and the same name seems to be on everyone’s lips. From top businessmen to royalty, Maybach is the badge to have on one’s car.

Maybach claims that its vehicles represent the ultimate in luxury saloons. Everything about the production of these vehicles is determinedly top-notch, from state of the art manufacturing facilities and automotive technology to the scrupulous attention to detail that begins at the design stage.

Luxury: that word keeps coming up when one discusses Maybach. Indeed, it becomes difficult to write an article about the brand without overusing it and the adjectives derived from it, so you may have to make allowances. But that is what Maybach cars are all about: comfort, performance, individuality. In a word, luxury.

You will see from our interview with Theo Paphitis that he regards his Maybach as much more than just a car. He regards it as much more than a mobile office. It almost seems to be a second home on wheels. Certainly with panoramic views through the large windows and electro-transparent glass sunroof, and fully reclining rear seats which allow passengers to sleep as if in a bed, it is hard to imagine how much more can be done to enhance the comfort of those travelling within.

There is certainly an impressive list of specifications and options available to the customer: televisions, DVD players, refrigerators, telephones, handcrafted fine wood trim. In fact, Nigel Unsworth, National Operations Manager at Maybach/McLaren SLR, told us that there are over two million bespoke permutations possible with the range of available options.

A far cry from the mass production manufacturers who churn out family cars at the rate of dozens an hour, Maybach’s craftsmen produce, on average, just five exclusive saloons a day.

Two million possible configurations of detail, five vehicles a day… It becomes difficult to also avoid overusing words like unique and exclusive. Individuality is likely to be an important aspect to Maybach owners. Again, this is borne out by our conversation with Theo Paphitis, who would not consider allowing such a vehicle to suffer the indignity of a standard issue car registration.

Maybach as a company is equally aware of the aesthetic importance of a striking number plate as a finishing touch appropriate to a car of this quality. The company has secured a selection of registrations, MAY 11,MAY 222MAY 555, and MAY 888, which will be displayed on demonstration models.

Nigel Unsworth explained. “Personalisation and ageless grace are complementary factors in Maybach. Acquiring these registration marks will give our own demonstrators the same timeless appeal.
“Maybach customers have a world of choice at their fingertips when they purchase a car, and many customers choose personalised registrations.”

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