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Mackays Waste | Automotive Repair Systems

Mackays waste

Since starting his thriving waste management business some seven years ago, Roy Mackay’s vehicle fleet has grown from one van to six. With the increase in workload and new waste recycling procedures this is expected to grow to ten vehicles or more in the near future.

“Identifying the fleet was becoming a problem as all the vans look identical, so a humorous approach was taken with the ‘POO JOB’ registrations.” says Roy at his Wirral based depot.

“We currently own 3, 4, 5 and 6 at the moment but are looking for more. We find the customers have a laugh when they see the plates. I think it’s good to show we are human as the new duty of care and waste transfer legislation can be a bit serious at times.

“I would like to say a big thank you to Regtransfers who have been brilliant with my recent plate acquisitions. They are very professional and are committed to providing customers with a first class service.”

Automotive repairs

These plates have worked wonders for my business.

Automotive Repair Systems Ltd. is a company that is contracted by national dealership groups, PLC brands and motor manufacturers, as well as private motorists, to carry out ‘smart’ repairs and paintless dent removal.

Although our fleet is some sixty strong, I decided that, with my Audi and one of our office based vehicles, we would benefit from the advertisement.

Also being a Formula One (F1) fan, it goes hand in hand. The looks and comments I get are really quite overwhelming.

Andy Patterson
Orpington, Kent

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