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MAR 570N


We encourage customers to tell us about the registrations they purchase from Regtransfers. We like to hear how they found their plates and what their significance might be, so we were very pleased when Caroline Marston, of London’s Marston Properties, told us about a fine number plate that she acquired, rather impulsively, last summer.

“I was sitting in the garden, leafing through the Sunday papers when a number in one of your adverts jumped out at me! MAR 570N is as close as I had seen to my surname. “I wasn’t really looking. I had only just ordered my electric car from Bangalore. Smaller than a commercial dustbin, modelled on a golf cart with the torque of a milk float . . . could I really justify spending twice as much on a number plate than I had spent on the car? Of course not, but I bought it anyway. I just couldn’t let it go – after all, it is my surname as well as the family company name.”

Fulham-based Marston Properties is one of those increasingly rare firms that is still family owned. What is more, it operates a no-nonsense, traditional business model. As the owner of a portfolio of residential and commercial properties to let in southwest London, Marston lets and manages those properties in-house. This means that there are no third party agencies obstructing and obscuring communication between landlord and tenant. This philosophy of doing everything obviously means that marketing and publicity are also Marston’s responsibility.

Like so many other contemporary businesses, Marston have seen the attention-grabbing potential of personal car registrations. In addition to Caroline’s car bearing her brilliant MAR 570N number, they have a very noticeable red mini which sports another rather neat registration RE52 LET. Get it? ‘Res 2 Let’ – clever, eh?

“The electric car has put my money where my mouth is as far as helping to use less fossil fuels,” says Caroline, “but it hasn’t really fitted in to a busy work/family life as well as I’d hoped, so its future is uncertain. But never mind, at least the number plate is one thing that doesn’t increase one’s carbon footprint!”

Marston Properties Ltd
Mills Yard
Rear of 2 Hugon Road
Fulham SW6 3EN
Tel: +44 (0)20 7736 7133
Fax: +44 (0)20 7731 8412

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