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High Rise Scaffolding

High rise scaffolding

High Rise Scaffolding is a successful company run by Ian Bradley, his business partner, Doug Burridge and a dedicated and reliable team of scaffolders. Based in Rickmansworth, Herts, they operate throughout the UK.Ian has always had an urge to travel. For eight years he worked as an overland driver in Africa and South America: a job he loved and, even now, thinks he may do again some day. When he came back from his travels in 2000, Ian teamed up with Doug to form High Rise Scaffolding.

The company name proved to be a great choice, and that alone seems to have played a significant part in attracting new business. Ian and Doug are proud that they have retained all their valued clients from the early days, as well as acquiring new contracts with bigger names such as Balfour Beatty, Connaught’s and Apollo London Ltd. Although a catchy name is a great help, Ian makes it very clear which asset has done the most to get them where they are today.

“We really are very, very fortunate to have such a dedicated and reliable team of scaffolders. Those qualities are absolutely essential in our line of work.”

Despite the rapid growth of the company, a sense of fun remains, as is reflected in the slogan they adopted: ‘Guaranteed the Best Erection in Town’.

“It is a bit saucy,” says Ian, “But it helped me to meet my beautiful wife, Lisa. She phoned in one day making enquiries and I happened to mention our slogan. She laughed and made a few remarks of her own. We got chatting and ended up making a date. We are now happily married with two beautiful children. Not bad for a company slogan!”

Ian always wanted either HRS 1 or 1 HRS as promotional number plates for the company, and this led him to search the website one day. He told Regtransfers what he was looking for and, after making enquiries on his behalf, they found HR 5 for him. Ian was delighted, and his enthusiasm for private registrations grew. He now owns 7 HRS2 HRS and HR55 CAF. Doug also began to see the appeal, and he now has his very own personal plates: D8 HRS. The themed registrations on their private and company vehicles have attracted a great deal of attention, and Ian and Doug claim that they play a real part in attracting new business.

As it has grown, the company has become involved in sponsoring local charity events and sporting projects: this last cause being a natural extension of Ian’s keen interest in sport. More than just a spectator, Ian ran the Flora London Marathon in April 2008, and completed the course in a very respectable time. He readily admits to having ‘itchy feet’, and a few ambitions still to realise.
He wants to climb Mount Everest, compete in the Dacca Rally and drive across West Africa.

We can’t help wondering where a man who attributes his success to working hard, seven days a week, is going to find the time for all this adventuring.

Story and photography: Len Stout

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