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Pimlico plumbers

One may be forgiven for thinking that plumbing is an industry within which the opportunities to achieve fame might be limited. One would, however, be demonstrably mistaken. London plumbing specialists Pimlico Plumbers have achieved a high, positive profile that would be the envy of many a business. Imaginative and proactive marketing have made the company’s name familiar far beyond the limited circle of customers and business partners that have had direct contact with them.

One of the most striking publicity tools exploited by Pimlico Plumbers is the outstanding collection of plumbing-related custom number plates that adorn their vans. As long-standing, frequently returning customers of, Charlie Mullins and his staff have developed a great eye for the best, most appropriate registrations. Consequently, their large fleet of vans is equipped with eye-catching registrations such as B1 DET , LAV 1 F1 USH , W4 TER , DRA 1N , S1 NKS and even BOG 1 ! An impressive collection, but that isn’t the half of it: Pimlico own literally dozens more similarly themed registrations of the very highest quality.

Personalised numbers are so much a part of the company identity that employees regard it as a badge of honour to drive the vans bearing the best registrations. Those engineers who perform best in their work get the most striking plates, thus it is common for customers to request a specific engineer to do their work… quoting his van number plate by way of identification!

Pimlico’s fantastic collection has also aided their wider publicity campaigns too. The plates generate such interest that they have been featured many times on television and radio, in newspapers – and, of course in the magazine.

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