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LAV 1From the point of view, Pimlico Plumbers are the perfect satisfied customer. They have the vision to see the business and marketing benefits of top quality number plates, and in promoting themselves so effectively they also promote our industry. Best of all, they keep coming back!

During a recent visit Pimlico’s MD, Charlie Mullins, credited with a significant contribution to his company’s success. Perhaps modesty should prevent us quoting him, but what Charlie said is such a clear indication of the promotional value of good private plates on business vehicles that we simply have to share it.

“We are London’s most successful plumbing company, and a lot of that I put down to the recognition we have got from our vehicles with the number plates on.

“We’ve been dealing with Registration Transfers now for nearly 25 years, they’ve supplied a hell of a lot of number plates for us, and you can see the amount of publicity that we get. Celebrity customers that use us, in the paper, everybody seems to mention the vans, everybody mentions the number plates.

“It’s our biggest form of advertisement, and hopefully we can continue to work with Registration Transfers for years to come. They have offered us a great service which has certainly got us, the company, to the position we are in today as the most known plumbing company in the world. ” specialises in providing themed number plate selections for corporate vehicle fleets. For additional information on how custom vehicle registrations can help your business please call the marketing department for advice on 01582 470077, or contact our sales advisors on01582 967777.

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