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5 NOVThe Millennium celebrations, Big Brother finale, the last night of Wembley Stadium and even the celebrations at Old Trafford when Manchester United won their third consecutive Premiership title are just a few of the previous occasions that Fantastic Fireworks have been called upon to dazzle the crowds with their amazing displays of fireworks. The Company’s core customer base ranges from retail, weddings, private parties, corporate events and football matches.

“The 5th November is like Christmas to us, we are always incredibly busy. We’ll be staging displays across the country, firing some 150 shows in the space of a couple of weeks. A 5-minute display will have taken around 54 hours to plan – from initial consultation through to planning, design, fusing, packing, loading, set-up and execution.”

With over 17 years experience, we take pride in ensuring that displays are not only spectacular, but safe as well.’ Safety kit such as barrier tape, helmet, safety goggles, overalls and a safety video can all be bought directly from Fantastic Fireworks.

Training courses are also available. Many questions such as: “Do I need a license?”, “Who should I notify?”, “Where can I hold a display?” and the all important “What if it rains?”, are all answered on the Fantastic Fireworks website.

Tel 01582 485555

“I picked up 5 NOV from Regtransfers, must be eight or none years ago now. I didn’t expect them to have it or, if they did, it was going to cost a fortune. But, lo and behold, it was there, I bought it and it’s been my best investment because, whenever I’m in the newspapers or getting a photograph taken, I can guarantee the car’s always in the shot and, for me, that’s publicity that money can’t buy.”

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