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EBS Pest Control

ebs pest control

Martin Langford runs a pest control business. How on earth does one promote a pest control business with number plates? Can it even be done? Clearly it can as Martin already has industry-themed registrations on two of his company’s vans and is planning to buy a third.

“I started EBS Pest Control with two other guys I worked with. EBS is short for Environmental & Building Services. After a couple of trading years we got our first van due to expansion. It was important for me to get our abbreviated company name and also a connection with our industry on a number plate for the van. I purchased EB51 RAT to go on that first vehicle.

We got our second van last year and, of course, it seemed important again to get the right number plate. As you may have guessed, we got EB52 RAT for this one.

“The numbers look great on the vans and we get a lot of great comments about them. Sometimes we even get increased business from the combination of our logos and our name on the number plates.

“We are now looking to get a third plate for the new third van and that will also have EBS on it.”

Martin is a number plates fan in both a business and a personal context.

“I am an addict and love the presence of these plates as I think it promotes a sense of individuality and fun.

“I purchased S1 MDL about 10 years ago and always wanted to have the next number on my motorcycle. I really wanted S2 MDL but it was never available until recently. Once I noticed it on the Regtransfers web site, I called immediately and spoke to Michelle.

“Michelle telephoned the owner of the plate to see if they would accept an offer and, within about 20 minutes, she called me back with the answer I wanted. After a couple of weeks, I am now the proud owner of S2 MDL. It looks great on my bike.

“I would like to thank Michelle for her help in getting this number plate so quickly.”

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