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Asco Lights – Lighting the Way Forward

lighting the way forward

Ajay Vasdev has always loved fast cars, so it is not surprising that he is excited by the latest addition to his collection of vehicles, a 540 bhp Mercedes CLS 63 AMG. He describes the new car as “awesome”. His excitement is tempered with a little impatience as he has a second new sports car on order. Although this one will be “the best yet” according to Ajay, it won’t arrive until the summer.

Ajay has long been known as ‘Budgie’ by his family, friends and colleagues. His nickname, given to him by his late father, lends itself to reproduction on a personalised car registration, and Ajay owns several. Both his Mercedes sport ‘Budgie’ plates: BUD 61E on his CLS 63 AMG and BUD 611E on his S320 CDI AMG. The registration on his BMW 645 convertible, V45 DEV, clearly represents his surname. A great collection of number plates.

Ajay says, “I think an interesting plate enhances the perceived value of a car tremendously”. Certainly the perceived value of his number plates is considerable: just before last Christmas he turned down an offer of over £100,000 for BUD 61E.

“I’m not interested in selling,” he says. “BUD 61E was a once-in-a-lifetime buy, and I am keeping it.” Ajay and his wife Shelly are the directors of Asco Lights, a successful lighting company. The company supplies a wide range of unique lighting products, from Swarovski Crystal to Murano hand blown glass.

They specialise in cutting-edge modern designs, created with one eye on aesthetics and the other firmly on effective illumination. Asco are proud to distribute the finest products from the very best European and international lighting manufacturers.

Asco Lights offer lighting schemes for both commercial and residential contexts. Individual rooms, entire homes, restaurants, nightclubs: whatever the setting, Asco have the experience to provide tailored solutions to provide appropriate illumination for the environment.

Asco have become distributors of Ecosmart Fires, a new heating concept that requires no hard connections, no flues, gas, or electricity supply. Ecosmart fires run on eco ethanol.

In addition to his lighting business, Ajay Vasdev runs a successful property company with an enviable portfolio of residential and commercials properties throughout the UK. He plans to continue adding to the portfolio throughout 2008.
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