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Ambe Medical Group – The Perfect Prescription


Sandeep Patel has had an interest in number plates since the age of 17, when he was offered his ideal registration, P4 TEL. Although he really wanted it, it was financially out of his reach. “I wish I had had the money then,” he says, “especially when I think of how much it would be worth nowadays”.

Sandeep is a little older, wiser and far more successful these days. As the owner of Ambe Medical Group, a pharmaceutical wholesaler and product management company based in Kent, he might view the offer in a completely different light if it were made today. His interest in personal number plates hasn’t waned over the years, and Sandeep recently purchased 4 MBE to go on his Porsche 996 Turbo.

“I have been looking out for 4 MBE ever since I established the company. It’s absolutely perfect,” he says. “One of the things I have found, is how differently people treat you when they see MBE on the number plate. I’m sure they think that I have been awarded one! So, if the subject is broached, I just breeze over it and leave them guessing. Well, why not?”

Ambe Medical Group, established in 1999, supplies prescription medicines, generic drugs, and branded diagnostic and surgical products to the healthcare industry. It is now one of the fastest growing businesses in its field. With the emphasis on strong client relations and business flexibility, Ambe Medical are always looking to expand, and Sandeep is always willing to listen to entrepreneurs who might want to invest in the company’s growth.

4 MBE is one the best investments that I have made in recent years. Thanks to Regtransfers for making it such a simple and straightforward process. It’s definitely got me thinking about others for the business.”

Len Stout

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