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Adrian Caddy Archery | Astro-Mechanical Handling


Adrian Caddy’s company was formerly known asAdrian Caddy Corporate Archery (ACCA). Because he couldn’t find a 4-letter registration, he happily truncated the initials in his H20 ACA plate.

When anyone asked where the other ‘C’ was, he would simply point out that it was at the front – H20 [the principal molecule of the ‘sea’).

Now shortened to Adrian Caddy Archery, in order to extend its appeal to both private and corporate clients, ACA is the UK’s leading field archery event business.

Participants of all ages are coached to shoot a variety of bows with carbon fibre arrows at three-dimensional hard foam plastic targets in a variety of forms, such as a life-sized wild boar, a Roman soldier and a nine-foot dinosaur!

Adrian, a wildlife film-maker and nature conservationist, is a fully qualified coach with the National Field Archery Society (NFAS) and, together with sons, Simon and Alex, a regular competitor at archery events throughout the UK.

“We are a distinctly thorough and innovative organisation and delighted with the service we received from Regtransfers” says Adrian. “We’ll be back.”

Astro-Mechanical Handling


Astro Mechanical Handling is a Birmingham-based forklift truck company founded in 2000 by Andy Clark and partner Steve Ward.

The operation started out as a small company just servicing and repairing forklifts. Now, eight years later, they are exporting trucks all over the world.

The company grew rapidly and, in 2004, they decided to purchase T25 AMH and T26 AMH from Regtransfers and put them on a couple of their old vans. They now have them on two brand new 1200 Mitsubishi pick-ups, T25 AMH is on Andy’s and T26 AMH on Steve’s.

The partners have also recently purchased T600 AMH , which will go on another company vehicle, and they will be buying another from Regtransfers soon.

AMH are very proud of their distinctive corporate plates and would also like to thank Regtransfers for the easy purchase and smooth transfer.

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