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When Rebekah Testar started working as an Avon representative in October 2002, she saw it as a chance to earn a little extra money in the time left before Christmas. It also provided a constructive diversion to occupy her mind. She needed both at the time, as her husband, Tony, was ill and had to give up his job.

Rebekah was on her way to her children’s playgroup when she encountered an Avon recruiter who persuaded her to try selling the famous range of cosmetics and beauty products. She applied herself to the new venture enthusiastically, and was soon hand delivering hundreds of brochures every other day. It became evident that with enough customers, the part-time business could provide a good living.

Rebekah says, “At that time, my aim was to get 500 customers. We just worked our way around the village gradually getting more and more customers.”

Early the following year, a new development made things even more interesting. Sales leadership was introduced in Rebekah’s area.

“They changed the rules and it became possible to recruit from anywhere. They said we could go wherever we wanted while recruiting, and we could get people in our team recruiting too.”
She quickly saw the potential benefits of recruiting more agents herself. By August 2004 she had achieved Senior Executive level and had a growing team to lead.

With approximately 1200 representatives working with her, Rebekah has been the company’s top Senior Executive Sales Leader for three years running.

Success does not come without determination, good judgement and initiative. Rebekah’s record so far illustrates her determination. As far as Regtransfers is concerned, her purchase of a great private registration is evidence that Rebekah also has great reserves of the other two qualities as well. What better marketing tool for a successful Avon businesswoman than the number 4 VON on a smart car.

Tony had displayed his own personal registration on his Mercedes for some time. “I loved it,” he says. “And I’ve always been fascinated by number plates. Sometimes we’d play games with the children in the car. You know, see a plate and guess what it stands for.”

“We thought we’d look to see if there was anything with ‘Avon’ in it,” says Rebekah. “There were quite a few, but this one was just great. Perhaps we should have bought up the others too!”
Tony adds, “With the sales leadership opportunity there are going to be some massive incomes about in the next few years, so I think that if we did ever want to sell it there would be a lot of people prepared to pay a premium price for it.”

Regular readers and visitors to the website will be aware that we are constantly surprised and impressed by the terrific plates our customers find to promote their businesses. Over the past few years, this commercial application of private registrations has become increasingly popular, with cars, vans and sometimes entire fleets of vehicles being equipped with carefully chosen number plates in order to set them apart from the competition. We have seen some great plates used in this way and Rebekah’s splendid registration ranks with the very best of them.

As you will see from the photograph, the combination of 4 VON and a nice Mercedes is a thing of beauty. The perfect Avon promotion package. Who could fail to be impressed?

Rick Cadger
Photography: Stan Thompson

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