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The x factor
The X-Factor

Hedley Brookes is involved in a company called Isis Therapy Training, which provides nationwide training in holistic therapies.

His daughter is the owner and is very impressed with the new X1 HGB plate. She is now considering purchasing a plate that will help promote her company. “I chose the number plate because I thought the X1 was a good combination to be associated with the HGB,” says Hedley.

“In my view X1 looks better than, for example, G1 or Y1. Not sure why but it is something about the letter X. Ideally I would have liked HGB 1 but that would have been financially out of my league. So it was a case of getting the best mark possible within my budget and I consider X1 HGB to be ideal.



Jim Wilson’s company, Emco, is the world’s number one supplier of 3-D scanners, machine tools, 3-D printers and laser cutters for education.

Clearly aware of the commercial advantages of personal number plates as marketing tools, Jim has the registration3 MCO on his S-Class Mercedes and E3 MCO on the company van.

And it doesn’t stop at work – Jim’s endorsement of cherished registrations also extends to the choice of JAN 3R for his wife, Jan’s, Honda Jazz.



Andy Pringis owns three fast-food outlets in the Midlands. When he found KEB 4B, Andy thought, “I just had to have it to advertise my businesses.”

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