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Marketing and advertising are evolving arts. Despite the explosive growth of the internet, there is still room for offline innovation in marketing and brand promotion.

In recent years, has noticed, and encouraged, the increasing use of private vehicle registrations in this context.

Whether it is the raising of personal profile, as achieved by Sir Alan Sugar’s famous AMS 1 registration, or the novel promotion of a brand like Theo Paphitis’s stationery chain, Ryman, with the number RYM 4N, personal – or corporate – registrations are big business.

The following stories are certain to provide you with inspiration and ideas for the perfect registration to promote YOUR business. You can see how companies just like yours have gained considerable prestige from their distinctive number plates:

Business stories pages

An increasing number of companies and entrepreneurs have seen the value of private and corporate vehicle number plates.

Some have invested in single, outstanding examples that are guaranteed to make an impact. Others have equipped entire fleets of vehicles with themed or branded registrations.

Distinctive Number Plates:

  • provide excellent promotional, marketing opportunities
  • look great in press releases, newspaper articles, TV, etc.
  • raise public awareness of your company
  • help to create corporate identity
  • are great fun items
  • set your company apart from the rest
  • are tax deductible
  • provide proven investment potential
  • represent a one-off cost, so there are no maintenance fees
  • facilitate easy fleet administration and vehicle tracking

Two special omnibus eBooks, featuring organisations who have used personal number plates to identify and promote their businesses.

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