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Irish Number Plates

An increasing number of our customers are discovering that there are some very good deals available on Northern Irish number plates which may be transferred onto vehicles in England, Scotland or Wales. These feature different character groupings and letter/number sequences from those used on plates issued in the rest of the UK. One attraction of the way the letters and numbers are arranged on Irish plates is that they offer a very cost-effective way of putting a ‘dateless’ registration onto a car. Dateless registrations may be assigned to vehicles of any age (unlike new-style, prefix or suffix plates) as they have no year identifier number or letter, and so cannot be used to give a false impression of the age of a vehicle.

It must be understood that, although registrations from Northern Ireland may be transferred to other UK vehicles, numbers from the Republic of Ireland are not usually eligible for transfer to UK vehicles.

The purchase of Irish number plates is slightly more involved than other plates transfers, but at we complete many successful Irish number plate sales every week, and ensure smooth transfer to our customers’ English, Scottish and Welsh cars. We take care of each step in the process, so the customer doesn’t need to worry about the ‘red tape’.

You’ll find that much of our website is aimed at trying to unite you with the cherished registration that is right for you. If Irish number plates do not provide what you are looking for then please do browse our other categories. We have a number of search options, and plenty of information to guide you.

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