Hungry 4 A PL4TE?

Are you keen as MU57 ARD for a food-themed number plate? Do you HUN 63R for something food-related when it comes to your personalised number plate? Well have we got a T45 TER for you.

Maybe you’re a fan of some sliced BA11 ANA, or some LEM 110N drizzled on a pancake? Perhaps there’s other desserts you’re a fan of that feature LE11 ONZ? Personally, we love ECC 13S CAK 3S. Heck, any kind of CAK 11E is good for us – cheesecake, carrot cake, black forest cake.

We love to chow down on something sweet and CHE 12Y here at Regtransfers, from toffee to taffy. But we make sure to get enough fruit – we love to eat a few G12 APEs, an ORA 116E or any kind of BER 12Y.

Just be sure to watch your SUG 42S intake – sweet sauces like MAP 13S syrup can rot your teeth!

If you can read the above, you’ve done well. You’re just the sort of insightful, clever person who deserves a personalised number plate. If you didn’t want it to show what kind of food you love to eat, that’s okay – some people choose combinations that reflect something about what they do, who they love, or what football team they support.

The fantastic thing is, we’ve got thousands of plates covering hundreds of different topics. All you need to do is begin a search. If you want a helping hand, you can call us and we’d be happy to walk you through the process. We’re open until 10pm, 7 days a week.

food number plates infographic

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