GAME ON!: Our best video game plates

It’s hard to believe that video games are approaching their 41st birthday – it was back in 1977 that the Atari 2600, the world’s first mass-market console was released across the world. An entire generation was captivated by the blocky graphics and glitchy soundtracks.

Many of us had our first experience of video games with the release of the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). The popularity of games such as Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt paved the way not only for successive generations of Nintendo consoles. but for other gaming giants such as Sony and Microsoft to introduce their consoles, that have become a fixture in our homes.

Today, gaming is a multi-billion dollar business, with profits well above those of TV and film studios. Games such as Overwatch, Counterstrike, Fortnite and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds have been the basis for the growing field of esports, where talented players can make salaries rivaling those of professional athletes.

Whether you’re an up-and-coming champion of Fortnite, or you just like to spend a few hours at night trying to beat the latest God of War, we’ve got a stack of players featuring your favourite video games, characters (including those from Overwatch) and slang, and we’re adding to the list all the time! If you’re a fanatical gamer who doesn’t see their favourites listed, call us and we’ll sort you out with the perfect plate.

Right, so who’s up for a game of Super Smash Brothers?

Got some relevant plates for me?

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