DVLA Auction, Brooklands 2017

The third DVLA private number plates auction of 2017 was held at Mercedes-Benz World in Brooklands on the 19th, 20th and 21st July. This is a great venue for the auction with Brooklands Hotel conveniently located nearby and Mercedes-Benz World on the site of the Brooklands track which opened in 1907. This was the location of the first purpose-built banked motor race circuit in the world. The last race there took place in 1939 but there is now a Brooklands museum.

This aviation and motoring museum offered an additional, fascinating attraction for auction attendees to visit in addition to the exhibition of classic cars in the nearby Mercedes showroom.

DVLA Auction, Brooklands 2017 - 31 AYY

Visitors also had the chance to enjoy a ‘hot lap’ in a Mercedes AMG. An exhilarating experience where the professional driver takes subjects passengers to the thrill of extreme acceleration and braking and also sliding on a wet skid circle.

There were 1250 car registrations on offer over the three days with the usual mix of prefix, suffix, dateless and current style registrations on offer.

Day 1 – highest priced registrations

  • 101 B £26,000.00
  • 488 A £23,667.20
  • 150 G £20,168.00

Day 2 – highest priced registrations

  • 45 O £66,176.00
  • MCL 720S£26,259.20
  • 5 OOD £24,963.20

Day 3 – highest priced registrations

  • SA17 DHU £28,851.20
  • WH15 TON £26,259.20
  • 110 RD £23,667.20

Top 10 highest priced registrations of the auction

Registration numberPrice
45 O£66,176.00
SA17 DHU£28,851.20
MCL 720S£26,259.20
WH15 TON£26,259.20
101 B£26,000.00
5 OOD£24,963.20
451 M£23,796.80
488 A£23,667.20
110 RD£23,667.20
LO17 DON£22,371.20

DVLA Auction, Brooklands 2017 - 45 O

This was certainly a good auction with most registrations sold and fetching high prices. As always, there are surprises on the day, including the registration TWO 80B. This had a reserve of £300 but the bidding was intense on the day and the total price of this registration was £13040 – a little more than two bob!

DVLA Auction, Brooklands 2017 - TWO 80B

As always, there were some good registrations to be found in the car park.

Here are some initial number plates that we spotted:

5 PHH on a white Range Rover

DVLA Auction, Brooklands 2017 - 5 PHH

14 LJ on white Mercedes AMG SL63

DVLA Auction, Brooklands 2017 - 14 LJ

7000 CG on a grey BMW Z4

DVLA Auction, Brooklands 2017 - 7000 CG

25 LL on a white Range Rover

DVLA Auction, Brooklands 2017 - 25 LL

722 GT on a Mercedes Mclaren SLR

DVLA Auction, Brooklands 2017 - 722 GT

2 GDP on a Jaguar XKR

DVLA Auction, Brooklands 2017 - 2 GDP

DVLA Auction, Brooklands 2017 - CC 61

We never think it’s crazy to put a good number plate on a good car – except in this case.

CRA 2Y on a Porsche 911 Carrera

DVLA Auction, Brooklands 2017 - CRA 2Y

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