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Neil’s Still Wheeling and Dealing!

Wheeling and dealing

In our Summer 2006 issue, we published an article about Neil Brown and his longstanding interest in personal car registrations. Since 1982, Neil had purchased a whole catalogue of private number plates including: 33 JYDNBO 324367 NB17 NB,JO51 HUA, H46 LEYN88 OWNJ111 SEE andGFB 446 for himself or for family members. He also acquired many plates for friends, including D6 XYS,P4 DUKM6 LRB and V16 NDA.

Neil contacted us again recently with an update. His autonumerological enthusiasm appears to be undampened by the passage of time. Since our last contact, Neil has bought his own business. He purchased the Village Green Garage in 2009.

“It has been a garage since the early 1900s,” says Neil. “We offer a selection of low mileage, high quality, hand-picked cars with full workshop facilities to support the customer. Although times are hard we still continue to supply a steady number of cars onto the roads.”

He is still buying number plates. As before, he secures registrations for other people as well as for himself. “22 N belonged to a friend of mine and it looked fabulous on his new Gallardo Spider. I said that if ever he wanted to sell it he should let me know. I bought it in November 2008 and it has been on a few Porsches since. It’s a great number and creates a lot of interest.

“I was devastated to have missed the sale of 1 JUU. I had registered for the auction but my builder side-tracked me. It wasn’t until the following morning, when I received the email from the DVLA to bid on the unsold lots, that I realised. So, disappointed, I rang the auction house to see if a dealer or a number plate fan had bought the number. The operator confirmed that is was sold to a dealer but, obviously, couldn’t reveal the name. She did, however, agree to call the dealer and ask him to contact me which, thankfully, he did. We agreed a price, the deal was done and 1 JUU now adorns my wife Julie’s Mercedes.

“ has always given me excellent service and the number plates you provided have given me, my family and my friends a lot to smile about.”

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