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b16 crx

Before Carla Hopkins had even passed her test she knew that she wanted a personalised plate on her first car. So she was ecstatic when her parents told her that they had bought her the registration C 2566 for passing her test.

“It looked fabulous on my car and everyone was always asking about it,” she said.

However, when Carla left for university the car had to go and so did the plate as she didn’t know when she would be driving again. “As I had heard so many stories about students and debt, I couldn’t imagine being on the road for sometime,” she explained.

After finishing university and getting herself a job it was time to get mobile again. “I had thought lots about what car I wanted and last year I bought my Honda CRX Del Sol, which was specially imported from Japan.

It was fabulous driving it around in the summer with the top down but I knew something was missing – a cherished plate.”

After searching around, Carla finally found the plate she wanted, B16 CRX.
“This plate means a lot to the car as B16 is the engine model and CRX is the model of the car. The plates are now on the car and they set it off a treat. In fact, some people have said it looks like ‘Big CRX’ on the car, which is quite a contradiction as the car is only small, but it certainly does have a BIG personality!”

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