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There’s More to Life

There's more to life

Mike Wallis is very proud of his striking red Volvo and his private registration.

“I acquired the car in 2007 following a series of features in Car Mechanics magazine as one of their project vehicles. Originally registered as R183 FOO, this is the much sought after 2.5 TDi V70 model with a tad over 100k now on the clock.”
Mike has done a little work on the car since he bought it.

“I was fortunate to win £2,000 in a competition sponsored by Volvo. This enabled me to sort out a few electrical gremlins and add a tailgate spoiler to enhance the car’s appearance.

Since then she has been extremely reliable and economical, which is a real plus factor with the ever increasing price of fuel.

“The 64 MW number plate has been in the family for quite some time. I believe it was originally purchased from Registration Transfers. Since I have owned it, the value of the plate has always exceeded the value of the car it has been registered with.

“The car and plate certainly attract attention. I am a teacher and most of my students instantly recognise the car before they see me!

“There’s more to life with a Volvo: that’s why I drive one… With a personalised plate from Regtransfers!”

We asked Mike about the rather menacing-looking reptile wrapped around his neck.

“Amazon is a South American red-tailed boa constrictor which I adopted some years ago from a friend who could no longer accommodate her growing needs and demands.

“She is about 12 years of age, weighs in excess of 50 pounds and is a good 10 feet in length!

“These particular boas tend to be the nicest and least aggressive of the species,” Mike reaasures us. “You need to interact with them constantly to keep them tame, hence I need my Volvo to accommodate her when I’m away from home. She enjoys travelling in the car and acts as an excellent deterrent to any would-be joy riders!”

Amazon’s diet comprises frozen substitutes of mice, rats, small rabbits and chickens and she apparently poses no threat to their live counterparts. “She does cause a stir in the local park and arouses much interest (and fear) from the locals,” concedes Mike, “especially if they don’t know she’s there or stumble across her.

“I have had quite a few friendly chats with the local Police Community Support Officers. She has not been arrested yet and I expect she would not slip easily into of a pair of handcuffs.”

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