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The Perfect Couple

The perfect couple

VYP 1 was originally issued in November 1958 by London Central County Council to my father” said Simon Instone, from Fareham in Hampshire. “He said to the salesman that he would like a distinctive number for his new car, a black Rover 90. It cost £5 (the number that is, not the car!).

A few years later it was transferred to another Rover 90, this time a dark blue one. I have vague memories of early family holidays in South Devon with that car.

“During the mid-sixties it was transferred to a dark brown Humber Hawk. I remember my father taking me to school in that car one morning and how it broke down (or ‘conked-out’ as he would say) in the middle of a crossroad near our house in Barnes, South-West London. He did not keep the Humber for very long and VYP 1 was again transferred to one of two consecutively purchased BMWs. The first one was a 2000 model.

“During about 1988 my father started to think about his eventual demise (he is still alive now) and VYP 1 was given to a tennis partner at his club. She transferred it to another BMW and, towing a trailer, used it to go to Greece on holiday. It was then sold to help finance the purchase of a Jeep.

“I saw it advertised in August 1992 and could not resist making an offer for it, which was accepted. The reason my father did not offer it to me, instead of his tennis partner, was that I already owned SGP 73 (which I sold on buying VYP 1) and he was unaware that I wanted VYP 1.

To date, I have had VYP 1 on three vehicles; an Oporto red 1986 Austin Metro 1.0 HLE, a British racing green 1990 Rover Metro 1.1S and, currently, a metallic green 2001 Fiat Punto 1.2. 1 “1 VYP was obtained at auction in March 2000 and is currently on my wife’s 2001 Renault Scenic 1.6 Dynamique in dark blue.”

‘His’ & ‘Hers’ plates

“His and Hers” plates are a terrific idea for all couples whether married or not.
We have listed several examples were we have highlighted the name or initial letters in the captions to show how they match up to the registration illustrated.

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